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Predictive Index- Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessment & Leadership Development-PI Midlantic

As certified trainers in the proven leadership development system of the Predictive Index, both Joe and Melanie continue to bring this program to companies worldwide for PI Midlantic,

For more than 55 years Predictive Index ("PI") has partnered with clients, in over 140 countries, to improve their productivity and profitability through these core services offered through PI Midlantic:

Encourage Smarter Hiring Process
Increase Employee Retention Rates
Enhance Executive Team Performance
Expand Staff Leadership Skills
Improve Engagement and Job Satisfaction
Boost Internal Communications and Management Effectiveness

        Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments

The Predictive Index PI program is designed to give your organization's management and executive staff the skills and tools to improve hiring practices and internal communications, better motivate your employees, and leverage the potential of your entire staff to achieve your organization's goals.  PI Midlantic is the world's largest Certified PI Partner.

We will train management to take advantage of the Predictive Index (PI) assessments, behavioral and cognitive, to have the ability to:

Learn the crucial demands of each position in your organization and determine individuals most likely to excel in that position

Identify your organization's highest performers, learn what makes them excel, and locate other individuals that can be encouraged to do the same

Recognize individuals with potential for high performance before they are hired. Without the Predictive Index, these qualities can be difficult to identify during the interview process

Coach your staff to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and work with them to develop strategies that will encourage the strengths and compensate for their weaknesses

The Predictive Index Process

The Predictive Index process has been proven to increase productivity and effectiveness of your entire organization. The Predictive Index process is a reliable indicator of employee behavior that helps your management make intelligent decisions about your human resources that provide beneficial outcomes for both the company and the individuals.

The Predictive Index process can be summarized into three main steps. Assessment of employee and work demands, education of management and staff, consulting to provide better solutions to problems and increase productivity.

The Predictive Index survey is an all-in-one personality test, hiring tool, and managerial assessment tool that will provide insight to employee workplace behavior of existing staff and potential hires. These new insights translate to smart hiring decisions, better team performance, improved internal communication, and increased workplace productivity.
A major element of PI's process is the education and training of your key managers. The training ensures your management is prudent in interpreting and using the Predictive Index data. With our Predictive Index Management Workshops, managers become experts on the Predictive Index process and highly skilled at interpreting the data, assessing the staff and gaining insights to improve the workplace.
We are always available to offer assistance and advice - Ranging from in-depth analysis of Predictive Index results to a wide range of business consulting issues.
Start Simple: The Predictive Index Checklist

The Predictive Index Checklist, at first glance, appears to be a simple checklist of adjectives. However, for all its apparent simplicity, the Predictive Index (PI) is a highly developed tool that has been scientifically proven to reliably predict work related behavior. Anyone who has completed the Predictive Index will testify that the results are remarkably precise. Available in over sixty languages including braille, the Predictive Index Checklist is available the world over.

Smart Hiring: Know Who is Right for the Job without Guessing

Finding a good candidate for a job first starts with knowing the demands of the position. You need to have a strong understanding of the requirements, challenges and pitfalls of the job. To assess the demands of a job, the Performance Requirement Options worksheet (PRO) gives you an outline of the different positions within your company. The PRO provides the insight needed to determine the qualities of an individual necessary for superior performance in each particular position.

When used together, The PRO and the Predictive Index work to help you realize the specific behaviors needed for the most effective performance in a particular job, all within the context of your company's management, process, industry, and market. It outlines the qualities and behaviors needed for success and helps identify those qualities in various approaches from different individuals.

The job demands identified with the PRO can be paired with the results from the Predictive Index which helps identify potential hires that are a good fit for the position or find ways to coach existing employees to be more effective. The PRO is available in 15 different languages.

Proven Results: The Predictive Index Validity

The Predictive Index has been used by thousands of businesses for over 50 years with a wide range of applications such as employee selection. PI Worldwide continually conducts research to ensure that the Predictive Index remains, unbiased, reliable, and relevant to modern business practices.

Companies the world-over has put their trust in the Predictive Index not only because of its long history of success, but also from its continued accuracy, scientific validity, and its focus on a research-based projections.

The Predictive Index was developed and validated in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines, as well as the professional standards established by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

We have amassed an extensive library of over 400 criterion-related job validity studies covering multiple jobs, industries and countries which document the instrument's validity and usefulness in the business world.

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